Mgmt 302 – Organizational Leadership & Team Dynamics – FAll 2013

Thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 302 Class – Ferris State University Big Rapids, Michigan

Posts From Students:

James Crandall –  Jamaal Jackson – Katerra Brown –  Samuel Wohlfeil –  Lara Duenser – Julia Bitschnau

I believe, in myself

            When one hears the word “leadership”, what comes to mind? For some, they think of the people that have been leaders in their lives, while others think of themselves and wonder if they are a leader or wonder what a leader truly is. To me, when I hear leadership; I get this vision of a person that inspires people. Not only that but I get a vision of a person who influences people, who does the right thing when nobody is looking, who; even at their worst points in life can move on and continue to be an anchor to others and never have their intentions questioned. A leader stays on track and continues to do so until the task at hand is completed and in a way that is satisfying and rewarding.

Throughout this class we have taken numerous surveys, played different team building games, and role-played a company with group members and various other things. It’s great to take surveys and read about things, but I learned the most from the hands-on experiences that I got to share with real people. I can take the suggestions from the surveys and the experiences that I got with my team and combine them into something like the vision of a leader that I have, that I strive to be.

Ultimately I think that being a leader, no matter who you are, is helpful in all walks of life because the qualities alone are things that people should have. In the process of becoming a leader I am becoming more myself because I truly believe that one becomes what they think upon and strive for most. The traits of a leader are what I desire, I have learned on them and I think about them so therefore I can become them. I truly believe that what you think upon the most and what one strives to be the most, they will become. This is if and only if they put in the work, time and devotion necessary.

I have learned, that to become something that I strive to be, I need look no further but inside myself. I believe in myself because it is only me that can make me into a leader, something I want to be. When I become what I want to be, then others will see that and everything else will flow with it.

– – – James Crandell, Grand Rapids, MI

“I Believe”

I think that leadership comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. My definition of leadership is the ability to influence a group people to buy into whatever message yours trying to convey. Leadership is beautiful because the term is so versatile. Leadership can be shown through one action, without ever having to say a word. Leadership can be a speech or standing up for some one less fortunate. You just have to except whatever opportunity of leadership that comes your way, because you can be a leader without ever knowing it. I have learned that good leaders are persistent, driven and focused on their goal and they won’t stop until they get it. So I will always have that mind set as I go on in life. I have been told that I am a natural leader. So I honestly lead without even knowing it like second nature to me now. So I am already being myself in the process of being a leader. I just take it day by day and step up to the opportunity when leadership is comes my way. When I think about what leadership style I possess, I really can’t choose because depending on the situation will dictate what leadership style I will use. I wouldn’t do myself an injustice by just choosing one or two leadership. I’m whatever I need to be at the time. So no I have not changed my leadership style. If I had to choose my favorite leadership style I would choose the authoritative leadership style because I love being the one to running the show. I like having the final say and I believe it’s easier that way. I believe that people are either born to be leaders or there not. I don’t think that we should teach people how to become leaders because I don’t think we should try to put people in an uncomfortable position or authority that they don’t want to be in. I say this because it’s hard to get people to follow you as a leader if your followers see that their leader isn’t fit for the job. I feel if you’re a natural leader you will be appointed to that position of your title as a leader naturally and it will be as effortless as walking.

– – – Jamaal Jackson, Saint Joseph,  Mi

I Believe I can become a great leader, all things are possible if I just believe it”

What is your vision of leadership?

My vision of leadership is something or someone who takes charge of something. Being above others and being able to lead by example. Leadership can go many ways but in my vision leadership is someone who coordinates for others, and helps them see visions and things in a different perspective, and try to help them work out things in a professional manner. Leadership is about doing what’s right. Leadership is not about doing what’s popular. Corporate results will be based on your ability to be authentic and have integrity.

How will you take what you have learned and become a good leader?

I will take what I’ve learned and become a great leader by combining all of my leadership skills that I have learned and build up while I was in the class. I will actually strive harder every day to become better and better and I now that I know the importance of being a leader. It’s not just about being in charge nor having higher gratuity. As the leader you have people counting on you, and people coming to you for answers, and help.

How are you becoming yourself in the process of becoming a team leader?

I’m becoming myself by being more focus and knowing what I want and what I believe. I have more faith now and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to become a better me. After taking some of these leadership surveys I start to vision myself more and more, although I live my life every day, and I thought I knew myself well; I had no idea until I actually seen the results of these test, and surveys. A lot didn’t change but I notice something’s that I never noticed before just from results. I thought about ways to fix this and fix that, and I thought about ways to better this and better that. I can say that I’m finally learning myself.  “Learn something new every day.”

Have you changed your mind as to what your leadership style should be as a result of your learning?

No I haven’t changed my mind about what my leadership style should be towards learning. After taking the Meyer –Briggs test, I actually think that test was pretty accurate. I think that I am the type of leadership as far as learning style leadership that it told me. I can say that my leadership learning styles are always accurate.

– – – Katerra Brown, Big Rapids, Mi.

I Believe People Need Leadership

Personally I have thought of my self as a leader for some time now. I am usually the one to step and take charge in situations where a leader is needed. This is in class, work, academic groups and organizations, or just in everyday life. I can say that I enjoy being a leader. I like being the person that people go to with questions and that helps guide the group and individuals to their goals. Being the leader gives both the sense of fulfillment and pride when things go right, but it can also have the adverse effect in negative situations. Even though being the leader of a group requires me to shoulder more responsibility, for myself and the group, I still find the drive to be that leader.

I believe that leaders are an integral part of making the world run. In some way shape or form every country has a leader whether elected or not. Leaders are necessary to make decisions and do things that others are not capable or don’t want to do. The fact that people take the time to elect someone to lead them shows that people want and need somebody in that position to guide them through anything that comes their way. People need someone to look to and follow, without a leader people tend to fall into disarray and a situation can quickly turn to chaos. Look at any movie, television show, book, or real life. A leader always emerges and when that leader leaves, dies, etc chaos ensues or another leader emerges. Everything we see and do is a sign that leaders are needed in this world.

Since people need someone to lead I have a very strong position on what leadership is and how it should be approached. I believe that a leader is someone that takes the time to earn the trust and respect of the people that they are leading. These two aspects are extremely important. In hard times these qualities hold strong and people will believe in the leader and the leader can believe in the people following them. It is important for the leader to know when to be the authoritative leader of a group and when to hear the group and let them make the decision or help make it. A leader takes on the responsibility of all the people following them. Knowing when to include them and when not to is vital, and with the groups trust the respect the decisions made by a leader.

I honestly believe that leaders are an integral part of this world we live in. Every day people need something or someone to look to and knowing they are there is vital. My perception of leadership will always be changing slightly so that I can be the best leader I can. I know I will never stop learning what it means to be a leader, and no matter what the situation.

– – –  Samuel Wohlfeil, Big Rapids, Mi.

I believe in the power of myself!

In my opinion successful leadership always start with a vision. There are several famous examples like J.F. Kennedy who dreamed to put a man on the moon or Eleanor Roosevelt who envisioned a world of equal opportunity for women and subgroups. These two examples have shown that completing a vision could truly change everything but the way to get there could be really hard and you have to have a lot of staying power. Therefore a leader should live this vision because persistent is as much important as inspiration.

One of the most important things is that the goals of a vision are realistic and achievable. The leader should be truly interested in realize these goals also with help from other talented women and men who are equally committed and engaged.

My vision of leadership is that I want to have employees who are independent and smart and who are supporting me as well as I support them without telling them all the time what to do. I want my employees to know what to do and I want to be a leader to who employees like to come and I want a familiar atmosphere at the workplace. I hope I can be the type of leader who employees feel comfortable . For me a perfect leader should be supportive and he/she should find a good way of being present but also cautiously.

During my whole study and especially during the last semester I learned a lot about myself and my preferred kind of leadership style. I now know more about my strengths and my weaknesses and I know how to treat people with specific behaviors. It helps me a lot because leadership for me leadership is also knowing how to manipulate people and how make them doing what I would like them to do. Knowing my weaknesses support me in being a good leader because I know now how I shouldn’t act and therefore if I feel that I act bad I know how to change it. In my opinion being a good leader assume that you know everything about yourself and that you have a good knowledge of human nature. I will use my strengths how I learned to use them and I will try to improve my weaknesses. I will also try to not only act the same way all the time but also try some new possibilities and see how it works. I think changes are always welcome and it makes the daily-life more exciting for everyone. I do not want to see my employees bored because every day is the same. This also goes back to my vision as a leader. I want my employees to work as good and as hard as they can because that is what I do. My job as a leader is to delegate them to the right direction and to work with them together knowing that I need to make the decisions in the end.

I believe that I have the power and the knowledge to get a good leader and supporter. I will use my strengths to get what I want and I will use the knowledge of my weaknesses to avoid them. I believe that I have the power to complete my vision of leadership and to change the daily-life of my employees and myself with it.

  – – – Lara Duenser, University of  Liechtenstein, Austria

I believe that I will become a good leader

I want to start this “I believe” essay with my vision of leadership. Generally speaking, every successful leader needs a vision statement. This vision should include a future orientation, aspects of direction, and most important a goal which is realistic and reachable. Warren G. Bennis is an American scholar, organizational consultant, and author. He is widely regarded as a pioneer of contemporary field of Leadership studies and he said: “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” This statement points out how important it is to have a good leadership vision. My vision of leadership is to create an environment where people are able to use their strengths, knowledge, and experience to reach a common goal. I believe that this is a good vision because it is realistic and reachable. My vision is pretty general but if I am in a higher position I will develop this vision. I will define the common goal and what needs to be done to reach it. I am of the opinion that people should have space to develop themselves. I want to lead them. This means I do not want to tell them exactly what to do. They should be able to work independent.

During my studies I have learned a lot about leadership. Especially, during my semester abroad I have learned what leadership is all about. I want to take this knowledge to become a better leader. For me it is important to work together with people. It is important to respect all members of a team and I am also of the opinion that everybody should be treated the same way. I want to use this new knowledge about leadership to create my personal style of leadership.

During this semester I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned about my preferred leadership style, my personality style, my listening skills, decision making skills and a lot more. I have also developed my opinion about working together as a team. Sometimes it can be difficult to work with a team but I believe this is the best way to solve a problem. When I become a leader I want that my employees work together as a team. I want that they learn how to work with each other. It is also important for me to get integrated in the team. Only because I am the leader does not mean that I do not work hand in hand with my employees. I believe this is the best method to become a successful leader. As a leader it is important to get to know all employees. It is important to know who they are and how they feel.

I believe that I will become a good leader. I know how to work together with people from different cultures. I know how to solve conflicts and I know how to motivate employees. I have worked together with teams during my studies and at work. Furthermore, I have learned a lot of theories about leadership and I believe that I have developed further. I believe that I will become a good leader because I know how to use my strengths and I know how to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

– – – Julia Bitschnau, University of Liechtenstein, Austria




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