Thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 370 Class – Ferris State University Big Rapids, Michigan

Posts From Students:

Allison Modreske –  Tamira Owens –  Vincent Blascovich –  Krystle Karnofsky –  Sarah Roda –  Jacob Hamlin – Breanna Wooster

I Believe in Becoming a Leader

            My vision of a leader is someone who possesses the qualities of honesty, the ability to delegate, communication skills, confidence, commitment, but their employees, a positive attitude, and the ability to inspire. It is important to make honest and ethical behavior a key value in your business, that way your team will follow suit. Delegating tasks to your team members is a very important skill one needs to possess when running a business because without delegating tasks to your employees, you may begin to take on too much. It is also important to have communication skills so you can be able to communicate to people what you want accomplished. A leader must always be confident. Being able to stay calm, collected, and confident, will help your team members also feel the same. I’ve always believed in leading by example. If you expect someone to not only work hard, but produce quality products as well, one needs to do the same. Thinking positive, keeping your employees motivated, and their energy levels up will most likely help lead your company to success. When I look back to some of my favorite managers in past jobs, I think about how inspiring they were. They made coming to work enjoyable, they acknowledged my accomplishments, and dedicated their time to making me a better employee. That all started with their appreciation for my hard work, and I think that is very important when it comes to leadership.

I will most definitely become a leader in the near future, once I graduate college. I will take the skills that I have learned with me to my next job, and I know what not to do when becoming a leader. I do know that all teams are different, so what may work in one team, may not work in another. It is important to get to know your team members, know their learning style, and how each member works.

I am becoming myself in this process by learning a lot about not only how I work, but how others with different personalities work. I have learned more about myself this year than I have being here the last three years, and I think its important that in your last year of college, you learn how to grow as a leader.

As I’ve explained above, a leader should possess certain qualities that would make them successful. For years, I’ve always thought a leader would possess those qualities. I don’t believe my leadership style has changed, but I would say I have learned many new things to take into consideration when leading a team. For many of the successful leaders in the world, being a leader is something that had came natural to them. I believe that if you have to force those qualities on yourself, then being a leader is not for you. Those qualities have to be something you believe in, something that comes natural to you, and I believe that I possess those qualities.

 – – – Allison Modreske, Mattawan, Mi.

I Believe I will prosper

To have a vision, a drive, and commitment to achieve your vision and display the skills in order to make those things come alive is some qualities of what a leader carries within them. Of course anyone can have a vision, and a drive about something they like, but a leader will go beyond. Having a vision is simply just not enough, rather than just speaking and visualizing steps that should be taken, a leader acts and go for steps to achieve their vision. A true leader will preserves and move forward. To have integrity, be positive, and open minded are traits a leader must portray. The people who your leading needs to know that you aren’t just pursuing a task because your ego driven, but more of you pursuing your dream because it’s the right thing to do. Encouraging others, rewarding them to be great and move forward in a positive way rather than downing one in negative ways is what a leader would do. A leader never down others, instead they uplift, help out, and encourage the right thing. A leader is open minded, and understands the importance of diversity. A leader notices the differences that help make each individual unique and is able to use individual skills to help obtain a goal.

I believe I will prosper because there’s never a time where you are perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect person or leader. And with being a leader, I have learned that in order for a leader to continue to lead you must first follow. By that I mean follow others who portray great characteristics as well as those who don’t, so that you are learning from others and to help you become wiser without having to take the long way to inherit a leader’s trait. While in the process of becoming a better leader I am becoming myself because I’m learning to be more open minded to others ideas and opinions. I have gained effective communication skills and helped others be able to move towards the set goals that were chosen. I plan effectively to help keep everyone moving towards the goal, and lastly I have increased my motivation skills. It has been my duty to make sure everyone stays motivated to help achieve our goals, and I’m learning various ways to push everyone’s buttons on wanting to achieve the goals we’ve set in place.

In conclusion a leader is always learning just as much as their team but they stand out because they actually take the initiative to be in charge and help motivate everyone to achieve the goals. A leader is someone installed already in the person they just have to work and help themselves prosper to achieve and become better. I haven’t changed my leadership style as my result to learning. I just became a better leader in the process.

 – – – Tamira Owens, Big Rapids, Mi.


“I Believe In US, Me, and We, Together As One”

            I believe in myself. I believe that I will succeed in anything I put my mind to, and will become happy with what I make out of myself. These are important things to live by for everyone. You cannot prosper in hard times or succeed when there are obstacles in your way when one has a negative mindset. You as an individual are responsible to be a patient, smart, and strong individual who is willing to do anything to fulfill their dreams. One must portray good morals and values and demonstrate proper ethics in the work place. This consists of being a good person or simply treating others how you would like to be treated, with respect.

I believe in US. I believe in the human race as whole. I believe that every single human being on the planet has the power to believe in themselves, to become successful in what they wish to do in their lives. Each person has the opportunity to become his/her own leader. It is the opportunity to achieve ultimate self confidence, self-love, and most importantly self-trust. Becoming your own leader will help you accomplish anything you wish to accomplish in life. It will teach you to never give up on yourself or your peers.

When moving into the workplace, where I make my living and do my job to the best of my abilities, is where I believe in we together as people to become one as a unit to overcome obstacles and follow through on tasks. Webster’s Dictionary defines leadership as the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group. I believe that groups should work as one. Each and every person is dictated by maybe skill, special traits, or maybe even by a single selected person within the group. If a “leader” is appointed by the groups as a whole then this should be the person who believes in him/herself, believes in US as the human race, and believes in we together, as a group. This person will instill the utmost confidence in each member of the group and guide them to success. A leader will have self-awareness which allows you to truly know your strengths and weaknesses. This person will instill vision into the minds of the group showing them the positive outcomes of the task on hand. And a leader will show social awareness, the ability to move peoples hearts, get a person emotionally attached to what they wish to achieve. I believe this is true leadership. I believe in us, me, and we, together.

– – – Vincent Blascovich, Big Rapids, Mi.

I Believe People Never Stop Learning

Leadership to some is to be this person that tells others to do, when to do it, and when it should be done. This is actually a small part of leadership to me. When you a leader you are on the same level as those who you are working with, but you are the one who make sure everything stays on track. You are using everything you can bring to the table in a team but also using everyone’s skills. And from everyone bringing different skills to the table, you have a great opportunity to take some away and learn new things. A good leader gets everyone motivated to get everything done. You have to make sure that you listen to what others are saying and making sure that everyone is happy or at least agree on the end outcome. Being a leader is a great responsibility, and to be a leader you must being willing to take on the responsibility may it be good or bad.

When being a leader, you have a team behind you to help get everything done. Everyone in a team always brings something new and different to the table. May it be a new learning style so you look at things in a new light, or maybe someone has a different perspective on how things should be done. As a leader you need to be able to use everything and everyone together. Give everyone the chance to build themselves as a leader, as you yourself are growing.

When I look at the journey I have made in becoming a good leader, I see that I have grown so much and still continue to grow. I would like to think I am a good leader right now. I take things I have learned from classes or people I work with or even from conferences I have gone to. Learning is a great way to grow every day and I think it is something everyone should be open to. And in the process of becoming a good leader in life and teamwork, I am slowly finding myself. I try my best to listen to everyone, motivate people to get everything done in a timely manner, I am nice but can get everyone to buckle down when need be. I don’t think I will ever be done growing as a leader and learning how to be a good leader. And I think that is what makes me a good learning leader.

– – – Krystle Karnofsky, Big Rapids, Mi.


Leadership should not be based on superiority or perpetuating inferiority. To “lead” does not mean to push, pull, shove, or coerce. Leading should involve a mutual respect and authenticity on behalf of both the leader and follower. Charisma is an important proponent of leadership, but it should not comprise the entirety of a leader’s talents. A leader must genuinely believe in their goal, and be able to explain and persuade others to feel the same. This cannot happen without authenticity by the leader and a genuine belief in themselves and their goals.

Fake is one of the easiest things to discern. If a leader is simply purporting goals from “higher-ups” that they do not truly believe in or following a management style that is not their own it is glaringly apparent. My vision of leadership is a person that can be themselves and help guide others to common goals. It takes a confident individual to be able to shrug fake style and imposed practices. I respect leaders that can be real and relatable with the people that work underneath them. Almost as important as genuineness is respect. If a leader disdains their followers and simply tells them what to do without allowing input, then people feel invaluable and do not contribute their full effort.

My experience with group-work and small team collaboration in college has made it very apparent which leadership styles work and which do not. I have been a part of groups where one person takes autocratic control and directs everyone else with disastrous results. Other group members dislike being treated like children and put in minimal effort and produce low-quality work. I have also worked in groups where it is very clear that one person couldn’t care less what others think; but they put on a fake a smile and nod pretending like they are actually listening. All the while it is very obvious that they are going to ignore you. Neither of these leadership styles produce quality work or inspire strong work ethic.

Being yourself and saying what you really think is the only way to lead a team. Insincerity breeds distrust and disrespect which generally leads to poor work. If a leader wants to inspire quality effort from their team (which all leaders should), then the only way to do that is to tell it how it really is, be themselves, and hope for cooperation.

– – – Sarah Roda, Flint, Mi.

I believe a good leader can role with the punches

            Leadership is something that can be viewed in many different ways. It can also be handled in different ways as well. Leadership is when someone takes charge and makes things happen, makes changes, and most importantly helps everyone to be successful.  Taking leadership takes talent. You must know how to get along well with people as well as get them to trust you.

Throughout this semester, we have learned many leadership and management skills. Much of which came from working in groups and problem solving. I will take these problem solving and people skills to a real world situation to help my team/company improve. I feel people skills are the biggest part of becoming a team leader; I will use the people skills I have developed from this and other management classes to allow people to trust me and work my way into a leadership role.

As I find myself working to become a team lead, I also find myself working to improve my life. As someone becomes a good leader, they will find likely themselves changing in both personality and probably even lifestyle. I feel we are constantly changing as we get older, learning, and finding ourselves. In the process of becoming a team leader, I find myself becoming more people friendly and outgoing. I do not feel anyone can “become themselves” for say but rather evolve and change to deal with different situations in life. We already are ourselves, whatever we are at a given moment in time, but I feel we can always change.

From what I have learned in this class as well as being a student supervisor at Westside Café I have found that there is not a specific type of leadership style one should take but rather a mix and match approach is better. I know personally that I have trouble being commanding because I do not like conflict. Rather I usually take and affiliative or coaching approach to things. I know that there are times when you must adjust your approach in one way or another depending on the individual you are working with or if your working with a team.

Leadership is a hugely important thing in all business. Whether a large or small business someone has to be able to take charge. Even if you aren’t in a leadership role in a company it can be good to possess some of these skills so that you can work well with coworkers and when a problem arises you can problem solve without going to higher management. I believe that if you are a good people person and problem solver you will find yourself climbing up the chain of leadership without even realizing it.

– – – Jacob Hamlin, Dexter, Mi.

I believe in Mentorship

As I learn what it takes to be a leader, I have discovered that it is about looking at myself and discovering what I have to offer to a group. I have discovered throughout the course of this semester that a quality I possess that is beneficial to my leadership style is the ability to adapt. I am able to intermix with people of all different ages, experience, and professional in ways that allow me to mold to their situations. Also, due to my ability to adapt to situations, I have discovered that I have a personality that people seem to trust. This has been very helpful in situations where people need someone to confide in. I am able to listen to their situations, and even if I cannot relate, I am able to be sympathetic in a way that helps them as well as offer some type of advice.

This discovery of my type of leadership and my personality has led me to opportunities that I may not have had confidence to be involved in at an earlier date. Recently, I have teamed up with professors of FSUS classes to give incoming freshman a student perspective on various situations. I have talked to students about topics as practical as signing up for classes, and as personal as counseling and homesickness. My leadership skills have given me the confidence to tell my story to students and help them realize that it is okay to ask for help. In a few select situations, the students from these classes have personally confided is situations of homesickness and depression. I have been able to point them in the direction of people who can help them as well as give my own personal advice. This ability to open up to other students has helped them come to terms with their issues and in one specific situation, is the reason he decided to stay at Ferris. I believe learning my leadership style, and having the confidence to utilize it, has allowed me to help mentor students and give them the confidence I wish I had as a freshman. I really enjoy the positions this newly discovered confidence has given me, and I hope to continue this role of mentorship throughout the rest of my education at Ferris.

– – – Breanna Wooster, Big Rapids, Mi.


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