Mgmt 301-2 – Applied Management – Spring 2013 – Pg 2

Posted here are the thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 301 Class – Ferris State University


Andrea Skula – Tyler Nguyen – Chris Schnepf – Lukas Thompson – Amanda Davidson – Lucas Massie – Lindsey Meachum – James Szwec – Zachary Bartholomy – Paige Spencer


Mgmt 301 – 2 Class

I Believe Success is Created by All

Every owner of any business creates this operation with a vision of success and money. Once his money starts to multiply he can’t possibly do so all alone. What this takes is a team of multiple people and a great team and workforce. Leadership has many different routes of becoming successful from the overall goal of the company down to the personal leadership style of each manager and leader within the company. No matter what happens within the company there should always be compassion for the employees and customers for those two things are some of the most powerful and valuable assets to the company. At the same time a leader must have control to make sure they are being effective, efficient, and ethical.

There are many things within this course that I will take with me. All the personal evaluations that I have taken only encourage me to take everything from the course and become a better employee, leader, and even down to a friend. My hope is that where ever I go I can implement the great assets and knowledge I have gained and bring a better atmosphere and more positive environment (especially with the love sandwich). I have always known my leadership has been more of a path-goal style with the defined steps and goals while also providing a rewarding outcome for each person to benefit from. Even down to our own groups that we were given from the beginning. My thoughts and ideas mattered and many times agreed with everyone else’s views.

In this process I have discovered that I have always been certain ways I now just know the terminology. These factors have already affected me to improve at work and at home. Time management has become better alone with homework and personal activities around the house. At my work place I have seen a great improvement when speaking to upset customers when they may be missing something or their sandwich was made wrong. I can help ease new people’s fears and worries on their first day by approaching them correctly without being too aggressive or harsh. Errors made by my own managers makes me want to step up and become a manager myself just to make everyone’s experiences better within the workforce or even a customer as they visit our store for their millionth time.

My leadership style has always been the same with the compassion for my co-workers and teammates. I want to continuously show them a clear path down the long road of success so they may be guided and not be clouded by confusion and clutter. They are just as important to the company as the money and customers and they are a key to the success. By doing this I will also give them rewards that peak their personal interest or needs to help them at work or in their personal lives. At the same time all of these things will make the project or product better and more of a success.

– – Andrea Skula, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe That Leadership is Crucial

“The point is not to become a leader.  The point is to become yourself, and to use yourself completely – all your gifts, skills and energies – to make your vision manifest.  You must withhold nothing.  You must, in sum, become the person you started out to be, and to enjoy the process of becoming.”

My vision of leadership is setting a good example for other to follow. The definition of leadership is ‘a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task’. When you are being a good leader and setting good examples others will follow it and you can solve problems quicker and more efficient. Being a leader in my vision is helping others achieve their personal goal with your vision and values. There are many different ways you can become a good and better leader. Sharing your views with others changing bad habits into good ones. When you are a leader people trust you to have the right answers and views on the right direction and path to go on to. Remind your team players that we are all working towards the same goal. Every person is as important as the rest no one is better than the other. Being proactive by going the extra mile you will have better results for the company your working for and team member that is  involved. There are many ways of becoming yourself while becoming a great leader.  The first way is by leading others you find ways to improve yourself. Finding flaws in the task and looking at the big picture. Broadening the horizon expanding your thought process and look for new and different ways of handing the task instead of sticking to the same old same old. I have not changed my leadership style from learning about leadership. Being a leader means you are guiding people not leading them in any way because everyone is equal and each persons opinion or idea is as important as the next. To summarize leadership is setting a good example for others to follow and everyone is working towards a common goal with the aid of you. By sharing your views and being proactive you can become a great leader. Broadening the horizon look at everything in a different view. This way you can implement change for the better.

– – Tyler Nguyen, Zeeland, Michigan

I Believe in Myself, I Believe in You

A leader is someone who people look up to, and admire. Leaders can get people not only to follow and listen to them, but trust them. They are the ones that help people get through certain situations. Without leaders, this world would crumble.

Leaders need to be confident in everything they do. With how much people look up to a leader, they need to have faith and trust in themselves. They need to show people that they are confident in themselves. This will greatly improve the people’s confidence in the leader as well. Successful leaders are usually very trustworthy. If one can not trust a leader, then they should not even be worthy of the title “leader”.

Like Mr. Bennis states, the point of leadership is to be yourself. Show people what your special gifts and skills are. Show them what you personally can bring to the table. If one is set out to be a leader from the beginning; go for it! The only thing is to make sure you stay “yourself” as a leader. When given power, some people like to take it and use it in a negative way. When becoming a leader one might forget their original or true intentions of leading. They might take all of that power and turn it into something they’re not. This is what Warren meant by saying, “You must, in sum, become the person you set out to be..”.

I personally hope to take on a big leadership role one day in my life. Throughout the years I have learned a lot about myself. I am always looking out for the good of the people. I am always trying to do anything I can to help someone in need. Having an amiable personality really keeps my focus on others, rather than myself.

Knowing this about myself, I plan to stay that way. If and when I am handed power or leadership I will continue to be myself. That means I will continue to focus on the good of others versus myself. I enjoy doing it now and feel I will forever. I’ve always set out to be that kind of person too. That’s why I completely understand Mr. Bennis’ quote.

After learning about all of the different leadership styles, I came to senses with myself that I really don’t want to be one certain type of leader. I want to influence and touch as many people as possible. That’s why I think the best kind of leaders are the ones that understand all of the different styles, yet maintains the qualities of all of them. This will help me adapt to almost any situation at any time.

To sum it up; a successful leader needs to be open-minded to everything and everyone. They need to have significant self confidence and believe in themselves. Once they believe in themselves, then people will believe in them too.

– – Chris Schnepf, Woodstock, Illinois

Striving for Success

I believe that leadership is a very important trait to understand when entering the job field. First of all, my vision of a good leader is centered on three traits which consist of communication skills, vision, and persistence. Communication skills are the most important because those that are under managers must be able to understand expectations and goals. Finding the right way to motivate employees, and keep them on task cannot be accomplished without proper communication.  Being able to see a project through is what vision is all about. Knowing where to start on a project and being able assign or meet deadlines is also a part of vision. Persistence is also very important, because employees will not follow a leader that does not follow through with his or her commitments.

The skills that I learned in General Management class with Frank Armstrong had a very applicable value. We were expected to construct presentations every other week, and had to communicate through email and other methods outside of class to compete our projects. On top of the communication skills that I gained, my skills of envisioning the presentation as a whole greatly improved. I was required to give the group members deadlines along the course of the semester, and each of us were required to take the management role for one of the seven presentations. I also feel that I greatly improved my persistence skills when it came to turning in our group assignments. Points were at stake for the whole group if I did not turn the assignment in on time.

Over the course of the semester, I have not only learned the skills of a good leader, but have also learned about myself. I have learned that I am self motivated, and have learned how to manage my time in a more productive way. I also learned that I am much more creative when I complete assignments well before the due date. The sense of accomplishment I get from completing work early also motivates me and gives me the opportunity to help others in the time that I would normally be cramming for assignments. The lessons and viewpoints that I have learned in this course will be a contributing factor to my leadership skills in my coming career.

– – Lukas Thompson, Clarksville, Michigan

My Vision of Leadership

I have always envisioned leadership as taking charge of a situation no matter the circumstances and making sure the event goes as smoothly as possible. It’s being honest and ethical, kind and strong, honest and relatable; you have to be everyone to everybody, be the person others look up to and inspire to be. A leader is the person there to get it done, do it right, and make sure all is good along the way.  You really have to be people oriented and create great relationships to achieve all you want to.

I am a one of the American leaders to a group of Saudi Arabian, Intensive English Students in the MiPlace program at Ferris State; I have used everything I envision in a leader to be the best leader I can to these boys. They are here in the United States for an education and to make friends and MiPlace is a place to do all that. We do conversation study they work on various projects and homework and we talk and hangout, I am there to help them with all that. I am their leader, their friend, and their fellow student all while following what I think a leader should be.

I have learned so much about myself in the process of becoming a team leader. I have learned that I really enjoy leading teams, that I gain a lot of satisfaction when something is accomplished and it all went well and I was the main lead of the situation. I have also learned I would like to work with international clients when I get in the work force at an advertising agency. Working in MiPlace has taught me that where some people may find it difficult to work and lead a team of international students that I thrived and loved the experience.  It has taught me a great deal about how different cultures can take different meanings from different situations and conflict can arise, but that if handled correctly everything can be figured out in no time.

My leadership style of choice is People-Oriented/Relations-Oriented Leadership I think it’s the right way to go to achieve my vision of the leader I should be. I want to be the kind of person my team looks up to because I am all the things they need. If I am who they need they will be who I need and then everything that needs accomplished can be.

 – – Amanda Davidson, Holland, Michigan

Believe in the Power of Leadership

I believe that my vision of leadership is someone that uses all of his or her skills and energy to make the organization improve and succeed. They use their authority to manage well and treat his or her employees with respect. A leader does not have to treat people with disrespect to get them to do something or get their point across when talking to them. When leadership is effective and working properly, the organization can run smoothly without errors.

I will take what I have learned from this class and other management classes and strive to be the best possible leader I can be if I get the chance. I will try to put my employees first and try not to treat them with any disrespect. Since communication is important, I will communicate clearly to my employees so there are few if any mistakes on the job. The skills that I have learned from this class will help a great deal if I get the chance to get into a leadership position.

I do not think my leadership style has changed at all since learning all of the information in this class. I know what I have to do to become a great leader such as treat your employees with respect and communication is key. There are other keys things that I have to work on than just these two things. I need to work on being more assertive to get my point across. This will help my confidence and it will help me become a great leader.

To be a great leader to me means that you all of your skills to the best of your ability. The skills that I have learned in this class with help significantly with my future of being in a leadership role. Becoming a leader takes time and experience that I hope to accomplish in the future. This class has set me up in the right directions and I am grateful to have learned everything that I did.

– – Lucas Massie, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe everyone Is Born To Be A Leader Whether They Know It Or Not

Warren Bennis made an interesting statement when he said: “The point is not to become a leader.  The point is to become yourself, and to use yourself completely – all your gifts, skills and energies – to make your vision manifest.  You must withhold nothing.  You must, in sum, become the person you started out to be, and to enjoy the process of becoming.” 

Personally I believe that a leader is someone who stands up for what they believe in and is able to share their beliefs with other people who later become followers.  I believe that anyone has the skills to become a leader, the question is if they are passionate and motivated enough to be hear.  For myself, I have personally learned that in order to be a good leader you must have a clear vision, poses good communication skills, and work well with the people you are trying to lead.  For example, a leader must know exactly what their vision and goal are for leading and must stick with their goals throughout the whole process, otherwise they are just followers.  A good leader must also have excellent communication skills so that they can correctly express their vision and communicate to as many people as possible.  Lastly, a successful leader must learn to get along with everyone, this is important for a leader to become well respected.

Bennis states “the point is to become yourself”, this is very important for any leader to understand.  When you are leading it is important that you do so in a way that reflects your personality and your own personal goals.  If you do not believe in the vision you are trying to lead, then it will be harder for your followers to trust you as a leader.

After attending this management class I believe my leadership style has changed.  For example, before this class it was very hard for me to make decisions as a leader, now It has become much easier for me.  My leadership style is task driven and relationship orientated. I believe it is important for a leader to express the importance of the tasks that need to be accomplished while holding a positive relationship with members, it is important for a leader to know what everyone else’s ideas/visions are.

– – Lindsey Meachum, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I Believe Leadership Comes from Within

My vision for leadership is someone who would be able to control and keep others on the task at hand.  In order to be a great leader and show you true leadership you need to give all your energy, gifts and skill to the people you are leading.  I think the quote from Warren Bennis put it right you have to give it your all and leave nothing on the table, in becoming a great leader.  Leadership is earned by giving it you all and not leaving anything left on the table.

What I learned from my management class that I will take away to be a great leader is I was tasked oriented, I made sure everything was done and done right the first time so my group and I didn’t have to go back and redo it.  Another think I learned from my management class that I will take away to be a great leader is I created relationships within my group.  I think this is important because you just can’t worry about yourself; you need to help others and show them the right thing to do in order to be a great leader.

Becoming myself is important to becoming a good team leader because if you are not the real yourself, you are not only faking yourself but you are misleading you teammates.  Once you can relies who you are and what is best for yourself I think you can learn better to manage others and become the great leader you are meant to be.

After taking this management class I think that the way I manage myself will change because I can see now that others will interact with me and see what learning style they are and help them learn the best way for them.  Sometimes change is a good think and will not only benefit you but the good of the whole group.  The quote put it really good “enjoy the process of becoming” I think he is saying that when you change don’t let it happen overnight and when you change watch the process and learn to while the change is taking place.

– – James Szwec, Chicago, Illinois

I Believe Leadership Influences

My Vision of leadership is someone who is able to influence people to become leaders themselves. A good leader inspires others to become good leaders themselves. Along with being able to inspire others, a good leader is an ethical leader. To be an ethical leader, one must be fair and honest.

When I say that a good leader is honest, that stems from the quote by Warren Bennis. When Bennis says “The point is to become yourself, and to use yourself completely – all your gifts, skills and energies – to make your vision manifest.” I interpret this as that you have to be yourself; you have to be honest with yourself to achieve your goals. I also believe that if you cannot be honest with yourself, you cannot be honest with others. Next, a good leader must be fair. A good leader does not pick favorites and treats all of their employees equally regardless of their age, race, gender, etc. Lastly, a good leader inspires others. Because a good leader must be honest and fair, they will inspire and influence others to follow in their footsteps and become a leader using a similar leadership style.

I feel that over the course of this semester, I have learned a lot about leadership that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I think the most useful thing I learned is the points that I stated above. I believe that the trait of being honest “forces” you to be yourself. By being honest with yourself, you will learn more about yourself. You will learn your “skills, gifts, and energies.”

In the beginning of the semester, I really did not know that much about leadership. By the end of the semester, I learned a significant amount about leadership. I learned that I tend to use the transformational leadership style because I seek to stimulate trust, develop leadership in others, and focus more on the immediate needs over personal needs.

Throughout the course of this class, I learned a lot about leadership. I learned which leadership style best fits me and what it takes to be a good leader. Every thing I learned in this class I will use later down in my life.

– – Zachary Bartholomy, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe Amiable’s Deserve More Credit

My vision on leadership is on quite a simple one. As I leader I would like to be able to create a safe stress free environment where people feel free to express there opinion in a non hostile environment. As a leader I want to guide people along this journey that we call life. I feel like many leaders today in corporate America our more focused on the companies goals then the goals of the employee’s that they help guide and shape for future roles in the company.

I feel that after being in this class that am I able to voice my opinion more with a clear and confident demeanor about myself. As an amiable personality type myself people say we are the ones always trying to please everyone and keep the peace by compromising with the majority to create as little conflict as possible. Amiables’ are also more likely to get walked all over on by everyone. As amiable I feel as if I finally found out how to say no to things and I am proud of my self for finally be able to do that.After sitting through this class that I have learned that me as having an amiable personality actual has a backbone and is open to voicing my opinion as a leader.

I am becoming more accepting my flaws and trying to turn them into strengths. Anxiety is probably one of the biggest things I deal with a day to day basis. I am learning to cope with it through yoga and medication. Some people may look at it as a major negative quality a leader may have but I have to disagree; I like to think through this life experience it has made me a better and stronger leader, less likely to snap under all of the pressure and responsibilities that being a leader has. I do not think through this whole process that my view on my leadership style has changed at all. I am the type of person that once I make up my mind on a decision that deals with my life, I stand firmly behind it.

– – Paige Spencer, Midland, Michigan


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