Mgmt 301-2 – Applied Management – Spring 2013 – Pg. 4

Posted here are the thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 301 Class – Ferris State University


Ashley Brooks – Benjamin Gusa – Jordan Holland – Jerry Newson – Spencer Schuiling – Michelle Barkley – William Long – Michael Greenway


Mgmt 301 – 2 Class

I believe it’s up for debate

I believe that everyone in their own way is a leader. Now weather they are a good leader or a bad leader is up for debate. Not everyone is a good leader, I know this from experience. Leaders are individuals that others look up to, count on, and listen to. Leading can be difficult for some and easy for others. As a leader I plan to show respect to all and listen to comments and concerns. Being a leader does not just mean you order people around and demand that they show you respect. You need to listen and be compassionate but you also need to be firm and reliable. Finding the balance between these two will be difficult but with guidance and time I believe that anyone could become a great leader.

I am on my way to becoming a great leader but I have a lot to work on. I need to work on staying calm in stressful situations and on being firm with my answers and not giving in. I think a lot of people think of me as a push over. As a leader that’s not the type of image that I want to have. My thoughts on what type of leader I want to become has not changed but the way I will obtain that has. I will need the guidance of others above me and the opinions of others below me to become the leader that I want to become. I thought that I could do this on my own but I need to learn the mistakes of others and make some myself in order to get father. I want to be a great leader that everyone is happy to listen to and seek advice from. I hope that no one is ever afraid to come to me and voice concerns. I have learned more about myself in this semester in this class than in my whole life. This helps me understand my strong point and week points. This helps me understand others around me and how they work. I believe that everyone in their own way is a leader. Weather they are a good on or a bad on is up to debate.

Ashley Brooks, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe the People Will Follow

To know how others will react and how they work inside, one must know one’s self. The ability to be in touch with one’s own emotions is the cornerstone of the fundamental skills needed to be a successful leader. A positive attitude is a necessity, and knowing how one feels is the first step to manipulating that emotion to work for them.  A great leader is accountable, understanding, honest, and most importantly confident. I believe one must believe whole heartedly in their choices and possess the ability to stand by them, even when their decisions may have led the followers down the wrong path. A leader knows that even through trial and error, good will come and mistakes can be corrected.

It is this belief that people follow, and only great leaders whole heartedly believe. Doing unto others as you would have done to you is the golden rule in life, and as I see it the only way to go about leading. In life we grow as leaders every day. What I can do with the leadership experience that I have learned in this class is that I can take this to my future career. I know how to manage people successfully so that we may get work done in the most efficient manner.  Throughout this class I have changed as a person. I know that I need to work on my communication skills to complete tasks more efficiently. Sometimes I do not always here what people suggest, because I am over confident in my own ideas. I have had to work on my stubbornness and I have learned to bend with others ideas, and in the end I Believe I have changed for the better.

– – Benjamin Gusa, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe Essay

I believe that leadership is teaching others how to do something. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s serious or not. For example, in grade school when your teacher made you the leader for the week, she put you in charge of everything, basically telling people that you were the boss so you get to feel like one. I feel that that’s basically the way leaderships work People are put in charge because they have the skills to influence groups of people.  But I also feel like leaders shouldn’t be selfish in no kind of way. Even though they are kind of in charge and have a lot of power, a good leader is someone that can focus on listening to other people and deal with their feelings. No one wants to have someone in charge that doesn’t care about their personal life.

With all of the information that I have learned recently, I think that it has shaped me to become a good leader. I know that communication and being open to other people ideas is very important in leaderships. I would listen to what everyone has to say whether I agree or disagree; everyone is entitled to speak their opinion. When you don’t hear people out and think just because you’re the leader you’re right, you’re wrong. Three, five, or even twenty heads will always be better than one, so getting feedback from other people plays a huge role.

The word teamwork means dedication. I say that because you have to dedicate all of your time and attention to your partners.  You also have to complete what you are assigned to, because the whole purpose is to work together for the greater good. I feel that in order to work together, you will have be able to laugh with these people and know how to take a joke. Working with people that you are comfortable with will make the job way easier. Since I am a friendly type of person with a big personality, I think I will be just fine. Being able to get along with others will make it easy for me and my teammates.

– – Jordan Holland, Big Rapids, Michigan

Believe in Yourself First

I believe as I grow I understand life less & less which makes me love it more and more & when I quit the b/s & the second guessing I realized my purpose & what I’m living for. Only you can stop you from grabbing your goals, because the only disability in life is a bad attitude.  My vision of leadership is reflected in my beliefs. When you kill yourself doubts & let “it” (educated statements with soul) out, this allows you not to be impeded by yourself. This frees your mind and allows you to think outside the box. So many people in upper level management tend to be passionately fixated on what everyone else is doing before they analyze themselves. I believe that the key to successful management is first to embrace yourself. Meaning what? The word embrace in this context means to take up willingly or eagerly, or eager acceptance. When you accept the hand you were dealt in the game of cards that we call life, this is the first act of embracing yourself. We reject ourselves when we let outside ignorant (uneducated) opinions shape our future.

I was blessed to be born into a very wealthy family. My family nurtured me, spoiled me, submerged me, taught me, never bought me, showed me, never tried to control me, they showered me in priceless riches. I am not talking about money. I am not talking about something that can fold. These riches can’t be melted or stolen like silver or gold. We are wealthy in love, rich in morals & balling in values, & fundamentally faith based believing to KEEP GOD IN FRONT. Some may call him Allah, some may call him Yahweh, some may call him Zeus, some say we were experiments of extra-terrestrials, & some may believe in science. I believe in free will to make your own life decisions. I believe that whatever you believe in, or whatever situation, religion, or secular domination you call home, when you cut intuition, & feel an undeniable distinct suspicion, when in a unknown condition & ignore it, we lead our selves astray. When you believe in nothing you will believe in anything, by cementing yourself in something you believe in you become it.

I believe that only you can ruin your day. It’s how we react to everyday events either catastrophic, or pleasurable & tropic which shape our everyday habits & attitudes. I have always been myself but use to be scared to share all of myself with others. But by embracing vulnerability and sharing my weakness they become my strengths. Humans are the greatest assets on this planet & instead of fearing what people may think about what I can or can’t do my peers, employees, or group mates become support beams to the structure called a relationship. Through vulnerability they know where to pick up, fill in, help out & lead by necessity instead of by demand. I believe in having accountability, which allows me to shine bright, like light & night. I soar high like the flight of a kite on a windy day in the bay in Chicago. I believe that leadership is learned through living.

Lastly, I believe that excellence is not a skill it’s a attitude, but my leadership philosophy can be summed up in three letters by simply stating UBU (you be you).

– – Jerry Newson, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe Good Leadership is the Key to Success

According to, “Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.”  I envision leadership as a way to impact people and have a positive outcome.  The outcome could be a goal that is trying to be accomplished.  People with great leadership skills aren’t necessarily the CEO, President, or manager within a company.  Anyone can possess great leadership and have the ability to influence a group of people.

The employees within a company that have great leadership are those who end up as CEO’s, Presidents, or managers.  Strong leadership skills can help lead to success for a company, because employees like the environment they’re in.  For example, since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple Inc. has nearly shed 300 billion in market cap.  Steve Jobs’ leadership kept Apple on task and focused.  Apple has lost that leadership and has focused mainly on profits rather than innovation and products.  It can take one person with great leadership skills to affect a company in a positive way or possibly a negative way.

When I envision leadership, I see a person with a successful career path striving to accomplish goals.  You can tell when someone has great leadership skills, because they stand out more than anyone else.  Poor leadership skills will also stand out which can have a significant impact on the people involved with that leader.  Nobody likes to work for a company that has poor leadership, because then nothing is ever accomplished.  The power of leadership can influence anyone in which they will almost always react in a certain way whether it’s good or bad.  I envision leadership as someone who can motivate others without having complete control over them.

I personally have not pictured myself as a leader and have never really tried to become a leader.  I lead by example in that I treat people equally and care for the people around me.  As I have become older, I have realized the importance of leadership and tried to become a better leader.  This management class has showed me the important of leadership and I am going to continue working to become a better leader.  I see myself as a leader that can motivate and influence people in a positive way.  The leadership skills that I have acquired have shaped the way I am a person.

The importance of leadership is beneficial to everyone whether it’s within a company or just in the everyday world.  No matter what, leadership can influence the people around in a positive or negative way.  I myself think I can develop great leadership skills and have that ability to influence and motivate people in a positive way.

– – Spencer Schuiling, Big Rapids, Michigan


My vision of a leader is someone who guides others to accomplish both their personal and professional goals. A leader should be a person who others respect and look up to. They shouldn’t have to yell or repeatedly ask people to do what they’re supposed to because a leader has gained their respect and obedience. Obeying a leader should not be done out of fear, rather, a leader should justify their reasoning in a way that influences their followers to do what’s right. Being a leader requires encouragement, rewards, and discipline if necessary (and doing so in that person’s best interest). A good leader should guide by setting a good example of the behavior they expect from their followers. The best way to promote a productive environment is to set clear, reasonable, yet challenging guidelines and follow those guidelines yourself. Setting challenging goals can push people outside of their comfort zones initially but can eventually teach them the skills to become a leader themselves. This being said, I believe everyone has the potential to be a leader if they have the motivation and discipline to do so. In Warren Bennis’ quote, he says “The point is not to become a leader.  The point is to become yourself, and to use yourself completely – all your gifts, skills and energies – to make your vision manifest.  You must withhold nothing.” While becoming a leader might not be the objective, fully applying all of your gifts, skills, and energies in a productive manner can help you to be the best you can be. If you accomplish this, you can help yourself succeed and influence others to do the same. This to me defines a leader. Bennis’ quote also states, “You must, in sum, become the person you started out to be.” Overall, I believe the quote is saying that the point is to strive for excellence. An individual at his or her full potential is the person that they aim to become and the person that they started out to be. You can manifest this vision by withholding nothing and using yourself completely: “all your gifts, skills and energies.” This is when you become yourself.

– – Michelle Barkley, Big Rapids, Michigan

What I Believe Leadership Is

Leadership is life. It’s the way you get through it, make decisions and maintain it. In a matter of words, you must lead yourself. And for you to get anywhere you must take risks.  For if you play it safe you’ll never grow or learn.  Taking risks is kind of like trouble shooting. When a risk is taken you either fail or succeed. Failure shows you what not to do and why. Success shows you what to do but not always why. We learn from the success or failure of taking risks.

At the same time taking risks shouldn’t come at the expense of others unless they taking the same risk as well. With leadership comes responsibility as well. If you aren’t responsible for those you lead, you’ll end up with no one to lead. They will go find someone who will be responsible and give them security and stability.

My vision is to become confident through my experiences, keep learning, be adaptable and maintain peace and happiness. When you exude confidence people are more receptive to your influence. By continually learning you maintain your confidence and the new knowledge helps you maintain adaptability. Being adaptable means you can change and make correct decisions on the fly. Maintaining peace and happiness means a happier, less stressed being. After all, if we are happy, no one is happy and chaos ensues.

Being a non-traditional student has helped me become a better leader.  Interactions with people younger than me present opportunities to take leadership when I so choose. These opportunities come from classes that use in-class interaction, where the class is divided into teams or you’re asked to partner up with someone. These interactions give me practice and allow for refinements.

From what I’ve learned this semester there are many leadership styles. I didn’t know that there where actual styles. From the corporate environments I’ve been in I believed that they came up with their own methods and it seemed to screw the lower guys. Now I’ve seen that I was just unlucky and that there are leaders who actually lead, not just manage.  This gives me hope and now encourages me to lead.

– – William Long, Stanwood, Michigan

   Strong Leadership is the Key to Success

I believe that a strong leadership is the key to success. Without a strong form of leadership tasks could not be completed in the most efficient way possible. A strong leader needs to think about whats best for his for the people he’s working  in correlation with the task at hand. They need to be unselfish and put everyone else before himself. I will take what I have learned from this class by when in groups not reacting of my first instinct but instead making sure it’s whats best for everyone and not just myself. I also will take a number of different conflict management skills. Instead of fighting to get your point across I can use the different communication and compromising skills to come to a calm and easier solution. I believe I am becoming myself in the process of becoming a leader in a number of different ways. One way is finding my way of solving conflict with others.

I used to like to think I was always right and would just fight and argue. But in learning what it takes to become a good leader I started to fight less and talk the conflict more so that the best solution can come easiest as possible. I have also changed the ways of my communication with others. Before I would not communicate with my group to much and just do what I needed to do and just be done with it. But now I communicate with my groups by asking for opinions on what I’m working on or if I get done early or have a light load ask if anyone needs a hand on what there working on to help get things done faster. Before this class I didn’t have a leadership style. But I am finding myself drifting towards a leader who leads by example, and always thinking and doing whats best for my group. I also would never have anyone in my group do something that I can’t, unless they have previous experience with the task. And if someone has previous experience I ask them to teach me how so I can pass the knowledge onto others in future projects.

– –  Michael Greenway, Big Rapids, Michigan


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