Mgmt 370 – Quality Operations – Summer 2013

Posted here are the thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 370 Class – Ferris State University, Summer 2013


Zachary Theut – Marcus Aguilar – Jacob Sakkinen – Jonathan Jaeger – Tyler Millis – Benjamin Poppy

I Believe In You

As I have grown up in the world and have listened, questioned, and messed with things I have learned much about myself. My tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses all help make me who I am and allow me to perceive the world in a way I see fit. However, I used to think it was factual, my thoughts at least. It took me years and frankly I haven’t completely come to grips with the thought that our perception of experiences is very personal and opinion based. This has made me realize that I must treat people as their own self-sustaining organisms that influence the world around them.

With this ideology in hand I have created a passionate view on leadership. I am trying to become a great leader in the golf instruction industry and many of those that I have followed have helped me see the true power of leadership. The power that they show is the ability to influence the others to grow and become self-sustaining.  Personally, I believe that intrinsic motivation is the strongest asset for a leader. Giving your workers the ability to enter a process and work, struggle, surpass, and accomplish are the best tools to influence. Also, one of the best influencers is the leaders example. As a golf instructor, I want to showcase my curiosity and desire to challenge in order to show how fun and exciting it can be to my students.

In management, I believe, this is eerily similar. I don’t know if I believe in the idea that there are leaders and followers; because I believe all the best leaders have followed at one time or another and I don’t believe they will ever stop following once they have lead. I see people more as collaborators, joining forces to express perceptions of experiences to help one another move on. I don’t know if I can say if there is a definite style of leadership that I like. Maybe, it is just as long as they have a style. Then as a worker I could find a way to mesh my style with theirs to make everything work. It’s similar to happiness. I don’t know if people are happy when things are completed because that means they are done. However, I do think people are happy because of the journey they took to accomplish that task or goal. I believe in my workers and the amazing things they can do, so as a leader I would support, encourage, and test the skills of my fellow interpreters to see how we can move along the process. Hopefully, never hitting the finish line and always striving for more.

– – Zachary Theut, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe Essay

A leader, in my vision, is someone who can take their team members and have them strive for excellence by following his or her lead.  It is very important in any business to have leaders or managers to want to go for the gold.  Leadership comes from within the person who wants more sales each year or wanting to break production records every year.  It is hard to find people like that these days since the generation I am in just want to work less and get paid more.  It is vital for a company to find people who want to break records each year without cutting corners or making unethical decisions.  Workers like that are hard to come by, any employees can become a great leader just as long as they put their mind and heart into it, anything can happen.

In this class I have learned many things and becoming a good leader is one of them.  To become a good leader I must understand my employee’s needs and wants.  If I can make that happen then the employees would get their jobs done more efficiently because they have trust in what we are doing and trust within the company.  Another way is to understand the customer’s wants and needs.  It is very important to figure out what the customer needs to survive in the business world.  I can lead my employees to help me figure that out because by the time I am a manager or leader somewhere there will be an age difference so getting input from the younger and older employees could help me out significantly when let’s say ordering golf shirts for the golf shop.  Taking all of these insights from your own employees and customers, it is important to understand both of them to succeed and make your business profitable.  Leadership might be the most important aspect in any business because if your company does not have good leaders then the employees will not be happy and they will not produce good quality products.  I have learned a lot in this class and it will definitely help me in the future.

– – Marcus Aguilar, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe in Teamwork

                Leadership is an important role in the work force, especially in management. It takes a strong leader to successfully manage a company. With successful management comes the ability for all employees to work well together. This also requires the skills of a good leader. A good leader has to know what to do in any situation. Therefore, a good leader needs to use certain leadership styles for certain situations.

A good leader uses different leadership styles for different situations, but still has a style that they prefer. For me, I really like promoting the use of teamwork throughout the company. I think that a leader should do their best to create a positive environment and promote teamwork. This represents the affiliative style of leadership. Leaders use this type of leadership to connect people to each other. By connecting people to each other, they will start to be more comfortable with each other and in turn, will work better with each other. This will help the overall experience of working for the company. This will also help to increase sales and profits of the company. In my opinion, this is a good style of leadership; but, it cannot be used in every situation.

I also think that leaders should motivate their employees toward a common goal and encourage employees to give their input about the job. Motivating employees toward a common goal represents the visionary style of leadership. I think that in order for employees to work hard, they need to be motivated. Having an employee of the month at your company is a great way to motivate employees. Providing some sort of reward for earning employee of the month is also a great way to motivate employees. I think that this would work out well for a company and would allow for employees to have a great attitude while working and encourage hard work. I think that it is a good idea for leaders to sit down with their employees once in a while to discuss the employee’s performance. This reflects the coaching style of leadership. Having individual meetings with employees can also help to motivate them to try harder. A leader can also gain their input on the job to help determine what a leader can do to make the job better for employees. This would be very beneficial for the company and would allow for hard working employees.

Overall, a good leader should provide a positive environment for employees. This will allow for employees to work hard and work well together. A good leader should motivate their employees to work hard. This is very important for a business and a good leader should realize the positive outcomes of that.

– – Jacob Sakkinen, Highland Park, Michigan

I Believe the Best Leaders are the Best Learners

I think that Warren Bennis has a very good point in his quote.  He believes that the goal in life is to become your best self, whatever or whoever that might be.  I couldn’t agree more with this because when you are your best self people are attracted to you and people appreciate your point of view.  People look for you to be you when the situation calls for it.  The bottom line is that when you are yourself you are most valuable to the people and work around you.

When it comes to leadership, I believe that the best leaders start with vision.  Leaders know their why, their cause, their purpose for living.  They wish to create something that will change the world in some small or big way and can COMMUNICATE it.  Leaders are team players and know that they can’t do everything themselves. However, they are able to provide an atmosphere where people can express themselves and do their best work.  Nobody likes when one’s work is unappreciated.  A leader truly understands what it means to take care of his people.  I have read many books on leadership and I think that one of the coolest quotes that I have heard that truly sums up a leader is by Stephen Covey.  According to him, “A leader is someone who communicates to people their worth and or potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.”  Leaders are willing to do things that others aren’t willing to do.  They can give that compliment when someone needs it.  They are willing to sacrifice themselves for other.  Once the employee or co-worker realizes that a leader is willing to sacrifice him or herself to help them, trust is formed and that employee/coworker will do anything to help the leader advance his or her cause.

I think that this class has taught me a lot about the intricacies of operations within a company.  I will use this information help make things run more efficiently in a start-up.  Now that I know what goes into good manufacturing processes, I understand how difficult it can be to make things work.  With this knowledge I will help the team perform its best, but also be patient with the entire process.

I am becoming myself in the process of becoming a team leader because I have learned how a team works and where my strengths lie within the team.  I am realizing what my gifts and talents are and how they can help the team I am with.

I have not really changed my mind on what my leadership style should be as of right now, but I do think that it is slowly evolving into something that is great and works effectively.  I lead very democratically right now and I think this works well for me.

Overall, I am excited to see where my leadership skills take me.

– – Jonathan Jaeger, Big Rapids, Michigan

I Believe Everyone Is a Leader

            I Tyler Millis believe everyone has what it takes to be a leader, for some it comes natural and others need some guidance, but in the end everyone has what it takes to be a leader. I believe that I have been given a natural talent of leading, but I still have plenty of things to learn as a leader. Playing sports through my childhood I found out that I was a leader, I possessed several skills that a leader must have and those skills are confidence, passion, and patients.

My vision of leadership starts with taking the initiative and not waiting for someone else to step up and be a leader. One should not be asked to be a leader; one should simply step up and take control. Confidence plays a major role in becoming a leader because one should never second guess his leadership role. One also must have confidence in each and every decision he makes.

It is crucial that a leader must also be passionate about what he is doing. A leader in a company must be passionate about his work. If others see their manager or leader showing passion about his work they will also want to do the same because passion is contagious. Passion doesn’t stop there, a leader must also be passionate about his employees and want them to succeed just as bad as he or she does.

Another great characteristic a leader must have is patients; one must be able to slow things down at time and not hurry. A leader that is always in a hurry tends to make more mistakes in their work. Don’t get me wrong one should always be alert and on their toes but at the same time relaxed.

Through the years of high school and college I have learned copious amounts of information on skills a leader should have and how a leader should act. I have already started to apply what I have learned to better myself as a leader.  I have learned that I am a mix between pacesetting leadership style and coach leader ship style. I am a mixture of both because I want people to do what I am doing while at the same time want to develop each individual’s skills to help them better succeed in the future. Through the years I have confirmed that that is my leadership style and have not changed it in any way.

– – Tyler Millis, Black River Falls, Wisconsin


            I believe that compassion is the greatest value that a leader can possess. A leader that is successful in conveying that he/she takes interest in their counterparts with a genuine manner is something I think all great leaders possess. I believe strongly in this because through all of the people that I’ve worked for in my life, the leaders that have tried to personally develop a relationship with me are the ones who have inspired me the most. Compassion is something that not only leaders possess, but I think instilling it in the people that surround you is important as well. It can spark interest in those people to find out what “makes them tick”.

I’m a firm believer in the saying “If you surround yourself with successful people, you will be successful.” I think that is one of the important and meaningful statements I’ve heard in my life, and it has definitely changed my perception of leadership. I think many of us young people have many friends that maybe aren’t as motivated as you about something, and I think choosing who you surround yourself can be something that is highly under-valued in becoming a great leader. I have personally changed my group of friends from people that were focused on having fun, to focusing on being friends with people that are interested in being successful in their respective field. My old friends and my new friends both took notice of what I was doing in my life, and accepted it. If your “friends” really are your friends then they will support you bettering yourself. Almost all people are interested in bettering their well-being and their quality of life, but YOU are responsible for finding out how it can be achieved.

With the right inspiration and a good group of friends, I think all of us can find our true calling in life. Who we are reflects our leadership skills, and finding yourself responsible for the inspiration of another is a feeling that has been unmatched in my life. Sometimes people forget that we’re all in this together, but I will never forget that. When being a leader, strive to show others compassion for their goals and feelings mean something to you. Strive to inspire and be inspired. You can make the world a better place.

Pay it forward.

– – Benjamin Poppy, Brighton, Michigan


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