MGMT 370 – Fall 2014 pg. 2

Posted here are the thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 370 Class – Ferris State University



Shantel DeGroot  – Kaitlyn Patrick – Nicholas Tidey –  Hatim Aljohani – Skylar Stewart – Ashley Bradstreet

I Believe I Am My Own Leader

“Leadership is about the decisions you make and the actions that you take each day. The world is waiting. Leadership is a choice – and it starts with you.” – Alyse Nelson.

My ideas, beliefs, and views are continuously changing as I am still a young individual who continues to expand my mind. My vision on leadership is not any different. Most people would define leadership as one who directs a group of people in the direction that leads to success. I think it is widely known that if you are not a leader then you are a follower. However, I believe that everyone is their own leader, perhaps in different ways than most. Who made it a rule that if you aren’t the one barking orders you’re not a leader, anyway?

In my home town I was an assistant manager of a pizzeria. I experienced giving orders as well as guiding other employees to finish a task correctly. At the time, I too believed that all it took to being a leader was telling people what to do and how to do it. Throughout the course of this class I was able to experience leadership in a much different light. Much like the quote I stated above, leadership starts with you. The way I interpreted this is that you are your own leader; that is if you choose to be. In the group that I was assigned to, everyone worked separately and presented material that was solely their own ideas. There was not a particular person who could have been identified as the team leader. I thought this was a good example of everyone being their own leader. However, I would like to note that working together could have been much more beneficial and probably less stressful.

The experience that I had with this class has taught me that every individual is capable of being a leader. Being assigned in a group does not necessarily mean that there needs to be a recognized leader. A group of leaders can be just as effective as a group with a single identified leader. As the course progressed I slowly felt more confident about the material I was presenting. I learned that as a leader I need to trust myself and have more confidence in my work. I feel that this will help me in future jobs as confidence is an important leadership skill to have, especially if you have a team counting on you.

– – Shantel DeGroot, Iron Mountain, Michigan

I Believe in Leading the Future

My vision of leadership is having the ability to motivate, inspire, and set an example for others through actions. The statement, “actions speak louder than words” is very fitting for leadership. In order to lead, you need to possess the confidence to say in what you say, how you act, and be fearless of the consequences that may come into play. The way you can motivate others is through your words, but the way you inspire people is by proving them what you are capable of.

Throughout my management class we have discussed various kinds of leadership styles. I have already known how to explain the kind of leader I am, but this class has allowed for me to understand and define my leadership style. For example, a large amount of my mini-assessments for determining my leadership style has resulted to be consultative. This means that I prefer to discuss matters with someone in order to reach a common goal, make a decision, or find a solution. The assessments made me realize that this is completely accurate and has been demonstrated in my leadership roles within my various student organizations. Truthfully, I feel that being a consultative leader not only encourages open conversation, but results in quality discussions with people.

This has been showed to be true throughout my process as a team leader of our group project. Our group has to understand the importance of our decisions since they progress our project forward. As the leader, I delegate the tasks and make the executive decision on how our project progresses forward. Well, with my leadership style, I consult the team for their opinions and decide after I hear their reasoning. This makes everyone feel their role is vital to our project and allows for their voice to be heard. This past year, I have come to understand that everyone brings an asset to a group, team, or committee. So, taking their input and encouraging open discussions allows for them to feel as though they are valued as a member.

I’ve always known that a true leader gives credit where it is deserved, and takes the blame for when things go wrong. This motto I have continued to practice and demonstrate through all my leadership roles: as Vice President of my sorority, Vice President of my professional organization, and as a team leader in multiple classes. Being able to work well in groups, handle conflict, and come to a resolution is completely vital. I believe that if you are capable of doing all these things and understanding the capability of your leadership, it will only better prepare you for the future.

– – Kaitlyn Patrick, Woodhaven, Michigan


When I think of leadership, I think of someone with a very strong foundation; they have a backbone set in stone. One is not born a leader, one must become a leader, this all starts with a strong foundation to grow upon.  My vision of leadership is far from normal, I do not consider just anyone to be a leader, I believe that they must meet stringent guidelines and have multiple acquired leading traits.

Some say that as a person you may be born a natural leader, I do not believe this however, I believe that anyone can learn and prosper towards becoming a leader no matter who they are.  My vision of leadership is a two way street however, as every person is different, some may have pre acquired traits that might make it easier for them to become a leader.

Over the years of my life I have been lucky enough to have experienced events that have caused me to assume a leadership role, rather It be in a workplace or in a family setting, I and many others have experienced both. In situations where everyone is staring at each other looking into the air and super confused, someone is required to take charge for the group to even think about moving forward. Guidance is required for success in a team setting, there almost always has to be a leader, rather they know they have assumed a leadership position or not.

Being a leader isn’t easy but being a good leader may be one of the hardest things you will have to do in your lifetime, it requires many skillsets that have must be acquired through experience. A good leader must find a strong balance between being themselves and also being a leader, they must insert leadership at their very core, or their foundation.   I did not always think this way however, when I was younger I would have said that a leader is born a leader based on the personality he has already acquired. I also would have disagreed if you told me that as a person you could teach yourself into becoming a good leader.

Rather or not you think that you might have been born as a leader what really counts in becoming a good leader is you must enjoy the process of becoming a leader.

 – – Nicholas Tidey, Manton, Michigan

I believe leaders have more responsibilities

Leadership is not to be a famous person or in a good position. However, leadership is important to guide workers or group of people to achieve goals and become effective employees.  My vision of the leadership is that when my company and employees are successful, my leadership becomes successfully. That is the meaning of leadership. Employees follow leaders, so the leaders work hard and be patient to make perfect decisions, improve products, and protect companies from losing income. Thus, the leadership is very important and more responsible.

Not any one could be leaders because they need more things, such as good planners. When I am a leader, I would like to be participative with employees. Also, I could be like a team player within an organization.  In the same way, the leader should be consultative, so I prefer the employees to work by themselves. And then I check their works and help them to develop them. What kind of different between leaders and workers I should be ethical with my employees and coworkers and respect them. In addition, I would be consistent as decision making. As the leader, I should be honest and helpful workers. These some things may make good leaders.

Moreover, leaders might be guiding teams. Which means leaders do not lead themselves only. They could lead organizations of employees or big groups of people to achieve goals. As the leader in a team, I could share my knowledge with employees and help them. Also, I should motivate my workers to work hard like giving vacation one week, traveling tickets, and so on for distinctive workers. I should be a friendly effective coach with workers, correct to them, and bring what their heeds. My employees and I create list of goals and deadline. We have to work for acquiring our goals. Also, as the leader for team, I have to be participative.

Leaders should be aware of leadership styles to be the perfect leaders. I am consultative, and I like it because the leaders may be consultative, and workers ask them when they need help. Furthermore, sometimes, I help employees, and participate them. Thus, the leaders should change their style or behavior.

– – Hatim Aljohani, Medina, Saudi Arabia

I Believe in ME!

I believe one day I will be a leader

I will not follow, but ONLY lead.

I believe that one day I will rule this nation.

I believe one day my name will ring bells.

President Stewart!

You have to have a vision to end up with leadership. It doesn’t just appear over night. You can’t just wish upon a star and it comes to you. You have to work for it, you have to grind for it. You have to be willing to struggle through school and all the hardships you face throughout life. Look at Obama he probably was sitting behind his desktop in college writing a essay just like me on how he believe he can become president. Not only president but the First BLACK President. He saw his vision and he strived day and night for it and so I am.

To become a leader you can’t give up when times get hard. My mother’s a leader although my father left her with 3 kids under the age of a 5 at the age of 27 she kept on going. She taught us how to keep it pushing regardless. She taught us to keep God first and we will make it through it all. That’s how you become a leader. Going to school getting an education, meeting people, taking advice from people higher up is how you become a leader. Making a difference in people life is how you become a leader. Lead by example there’s always someone looking at you. My little sister is a freshman in college at Ferris. She followed my footsteps here. She looks up to me, she see a lot of bad stuff going on in our city and she wanted to get a way and better her life so she can come  back when she graduate and make a difference just like me. I am a leader to people and I continue to keep on leading. It puts a smile on my face to know that I, Skylar Stewart can make a difference in someone’s life. I enjoy going through life day in day out gaining knowledge on how I can help people out.   I am growing into a bigger and better person. When I entered college I didn’t know anything about anything I joined a fraternity and they helped me grow as a leader. I found who I am throughout this college experience and I thank the leaders around me in my everyday life for that. I’m going to continue to learn new things and bestow my knowledge on those who don’t know better like I didn’t know better.

– – Skylar Stewart, Detroit, Michigan

I Believe Leadership is More than Leading

The process of becoming a leader is one that never ceases.  Leadership is something all people encounter all the time, whether that is being a leader or following a leader.  From both of those perspectives, it is essential to understand the importance of leadership, not just being a leader. This class showed me how learning about leadership could not only be learned through being a leader, but also through being led.

I’ve been able to test my leadership skills in many different ways.  Athletics, academics and working has allowed me to explore how important being a leader can be. I consider myself a natural leader.  I have never had an issue leading a group and taking initiatives.  This class has reinforced many of my previous beliefs about leaderships.  However, the experience I had in this class was not typical of me.  The group I was apart of had several people with the ability to lead.  Therefore, I took it as an opportunity to sit back and observe how others led.  It allowed me to see how results can be achieved through a different process.  There were many times when I thought how I would have handled a situation differently.  I realized just because it was not my way, did not mean it was the wrong way.  I was able to see how different methods were used and how effective they were. I think this allowed me to learn significantly more about being leadership than if I actually led the group.  Being able to observe allowed me to view leadership from a different perspective and it was very helpful for me.  It allowed me to take a step back and really focus on what was important about leadership.  It encouraged me to evaluate how I am not only as a leader, but also as a person.

I’ve taken leadership classes, read leadership books, and have had countless conversations about the importance of being a leader.  Although I have learned a lot about leadership, I think it is important to understand that you can always learn more.  Not necessarily just about being a leader, but about being yourself.  The best leaders are self-aware and understand their environment.  It’s important to constantly be checking yourself to ensure you are being staying true to yourself in all aspects.  Another good thing to do is learn from other leaders.  It is a great way to learn new things about leading.

 – – Ashley Bradstreet, Grandville, Michigan


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