MGMT 370 – Fall 2014 pg. 7

Posted here are the thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 370 Class – Ferris State University


Jared Zanstra –  Hannah Glover – 


Leadership to Me is . . 

I believe that leadership is something that everyone can have but most choose not do to. Leadership is about making the right decision not the easy decision. It is being an example for everyone else. Leadership is about being in charge and sticking to your word. It is about being a man and not being a coward and taking for responsibilities. It is about running to problems and not away from them, running to situations that need your attention and not avoiding them because it is just easier to do that. Leadership is about thinking about others before your self and not being selfish and only thinking about themselves.

Leadership is about being slow to speak and quick to listen. Leaders do well in high stress situations and are able to think on their feet. Leaders are able to get other people involved and join in on what is going on. Leaders are also able to follow along because in order to lead you first must learn to follow. Leaders demand respect but also ensure that they give respect to everyone else. Leaders are able to access situations and give great input. They are great at looking at a decision from all different points of view. Leaders realize when they have made a bad decision and can easily right the wrong and apologize because it is most important to learn from your mistakes, not repeat them, and move on. Leaders are organized and detailed. They work well with others and are team players.

Leaders do the right thing. Leaders win and lose with honor. They are extremely ethical and have a high set of morals and standards that do not change. Leaders believe that there is no dignity in winning if you have to lie, cheat, or steal to get to the top.

Overall, leaders are winners. They are examples to everyone. They receive respect but also give it. They do not see themselves as better than everyone else. Leaders are responsible, trustworthy, and mature. Leaders run to problems they do not act cowardly and run away from them.

– – Jared Zanstra, Highland, Indiana

I Believe we are all born leaders

I believe that leadership is demonstrated by someone who has the respect of the ones below them. They also give respect because respect is earned not just given out.  They trust the leader with whatever decision he/she makes.  A leader must be personable with the people below or even around them.  This person needs to also have authority over them as well.

Leadership is a role that is earned and not just simply put in people’s laps.  These people get the position for a reason and the ones below them should be happy they have such a great leader they can follow without a single doubt of hesitation.

Taking in what a leader is we can use this information to demonstrate being a leader towards others.  Showing respect is key because it earns the respect of others, it also shows how much you care about them.  Using this knowledge, I plan on using it to benefit me in times to come.  An example of a great leadership opportunity was taken from this past summer when I worked down in Grand Rapids as a Lifeguard Instructor.  It takes a great deal of drive and determination to show leadership.  A few distinct things I’ve learned after taking this class is that hard work can really pay off.  It takes a hard working individual willing to teach and be taught at the same time one that can learn from experiences.  I can demonstrate some great characteristics that are shown in great leaders.  After going through this class I have learned that I need more than just a small batch of characteristics.  It takes a great deal of effort in order to be a great leader.   Taking a leadership class has taught me that eye contact is crucial especially when it comes to demonstrating respect not only for yourself but also for those people around you as well.

Another way I was taught about leadership is when I had the opportunity to participate in the Disney college program.  They push for excellence as well as great leadership from their cast members.  As a lifeguard and cast member for them I had a duty to lead by example.  To lead by example means you have constant eyes on you that watch your every move.  At times it might sometimes feel like you are under a sense of surveillance but it’s to show people how much they care for their cast members.  Leaders are able to be taught but also teach by example.  People look up to you as a lifeguard and this gives you a sense of pride when they see you following through on safety guidelines.

To sum up, by way of a leader is an individual that guides or directs a group.  A leader shows a sense of ability in a leadership role.  They demonstrate respect towards others as well as themselves.  They take criticism as well as use it to better themselves.  As a leader one can guide by way of encouragement.  Be a leader that others would want to see in themselves as well as others.  Take time to live your life to the fullest by leading by example.

– – Hannah Glover, Wyoming, Michigan


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