Spring 2014 – MGMT 370 – Big Rapids Class – Page 2

Thoughts and reflections of undergraduate students from MGMT 370 – Ferris State University Big Rapids, Michigan

Posts From Students:

Josh Sweedyk – Jamie Klinger –  Luke Trocchio – 

I Believe, Achieve and Succeed

            Being a leader is a something that can be hard, easy, or for some people it just comes naturally.  However, there is one common trait in leadership that every true leader has, and that is success.  Success is not an easy task and it takes a lot to be accomplished, success is a journey, not a destination.  With that being said, leadership can certainly be viewed as a group effort.  In a team, or business the only way to be successful is working together as a sole unit. Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is the progression, working together is the success. Everyone should be able to ask what can I do for you, not what can you do me.  Leadership should be able to fall upon anyone whenever it is needed.   Everyone has potential to be his or her own leader, how you vision yourself will be the determining factor.  Every leader should tell themselves this, “Someone looks up to you, someone trusts you, someone believes in you, someone counts on you, someone loves you, don’t let that someone down.”

I have always viewed myself as a good leader, but after this class, I have learned some new techniques and strategies that will improve what I already have.  That is another key characteristic of a leader in never being satisfied and always opens for further improvement.  As a result, I keep finding myself more and more.  Once you establish yourself as a leader, your mindset is very different from before, that is the case with me.  Not from this class, I discovered this a long time ago, but this class just provided further emphasis on the fact that you have to view things differently.  You become more responsible and accounted for in curtain situation or requirements.  There is no room for slacking off because when you slack and let yourself down your are letting the whole team down.  Learning from this class has not necessarily changed my mind about my leadership style because like I said before I personally established my leadership a long time ago and knew what I had to do to be a leader.  However, the one thing that I have learned is do not be afraid to ask someone for help.  This has always been one of my weaknesses as a leader, which again is another characteristic of a great leader in being able to admit your weaknesses.  I learned this through working with my group.  The relationship I evolved with my group was unique.  We were always there for each other whenever someone needed help, the communication was amazing, and gave me more confidence in myself working with them.  I can truly say we were all leaders.

– – Josh Sweedyk, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I Believe Leadership Is Our Future

            I believe that leadership can be both instilled in others as well as come natural.  Some individuals are truly born leaders.  It’s easy for these people to take control of a situation and tell others what to do.  However, some people may aspire to be leaders, but don’t have the fundamentals that are necessary.  Teaching a pupil’s communication skills will be first.  This will instruct them to how use appropriate eye contact, hand gestures, rate of speech, volume, body posture and fluency.  After displaying proper presentation etiquette, one must learn the ways to act as a leader.  In high school, I took a leadership class.  I thought the class was going to be easy, but you really had to put some thought into what you were doing.  Nothing was right or wrong.  It was a continuous process.  The book we used as our textbooks was The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell.  Each law had something different for potential leaders to develop or for existing leaders to improve on.  The laws can be learned and stand alone.  The first law was The Law of The Lid.  This is the basis for all leadership and deals with effectiveness.  The lower the lid on a person’s ability to lead, the lower the lid of his potentials.  The rest of the book is comprised of the remaining 20 laws, their descriptions and examples.  At the end of the course, we wrote up a scenario to each law and explained how we would solve for the problem.

Applying the skills I’ve obtained from my previous leadership class as well as this management course will help better my career as a strong independent leader.  The best way to continue my learning process in leadership will be to teach others what I know.  Using Maxwell’s laws, as well as my own personal beliefs, I know I can make a difference for potential leaders.  Looking into and developing a person’s people skills will help them reach into a better understanding of how leaders and their roles are important.

I’ve found that in the process of becoming a good leader, I’m also discovering more about myself.  I like being a part of something bigger than myself!  Organization is, and always had been, a big part of who I am.  Things I do are always planned out.  Leading others is a huge responsibility. I like taking on this challenge because teaching others the knowledge I have will expand their horizons and make me feel like a better person.  Just the simple fact that you’re responsible for someone else’s success should feel empowering! In the process of becoming a stronger leader, you must remember: the people that follow you are at the same level you once were.  Without leaders, we would be lost in our society.  Following someone is essential in becoming a good leader.  People will follow before they lead.  Leaders hold the key to our future.

– – Jamie N. Klinger, Leslie, Michigan

Leadership involves more than being “in charge.” 

It’s more than someone who is the decision maker, or someone who has power.  Leadership involves a combination of attributes and qualities that contribute to the grand scheme of guidance and headship.  To me, the most important quality of leadership is trust.  Sure, there are multiple other factors that are crucial to being a great leader, but the foundation must be established based on trust.  The other elements will fall into place keeping trust in mind.

As I apply the things I have learned, leadership cannot be established overnight nor without experience.  It is a long path that includes a reputation that develops as time passes.  It is beyond a career, and it involves everyday living, relationships with friends, and connecting with other people.  With that in mind, I will apply my determination to strive for excellence in my leadership.  Because I do not have a lot of experience, it will benefit me most to allow others to provide me with feedback.  This way, I can hear about my strengths as well as areas where I still have room to grow.  I am currently in the process of becoming a team leader because I am approaching graduation in the next year.  I have already accomplished several different feats thus far, and graduation will force me to make decisions about my life changes including job selection, establishing a residence, and living on my own.

As I mentioned above, feedback will be a large determinant of my growth.  I wouldn’t say that my leadership style has changed, but I think I have developed a better sense of that style through feedback.  For me, I think it will always be crucial that I receive feedback on a regular basis and I have someone to learn from in order to keep myself in check.  It will be important that I realize I am not “God” of my own life, and I must submit to others as well.  This will be a great checking system for me because it will keep me honest, humble, and always willing to grow.

– – Luke Trocchio, St. Clair Shores, Michigan


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